1. Espace Court 2014: Bande-Annonce from Productions Balbuzard Inc. on Vimeo.

    Réalisation: Christian Beauchemin
    Illustrations: Philippe Labrecque-Denis et Christian Beauchemin

  2. A23D: A 3D-Printed Letterpress Font from Adrian Harrison on Vimeo.

    The story of the birth of the worlds first uniquely designed, 3D printed Letterpress font

  3. Labrinth - Let It Be from Us on Vimeo.

    Preorder ‘Let It Be’ - smarturl.it/LetItBeiT?IQid=vevo

    Directors - Us
    Production Company - Academy Films
    Producer - Liz Kessler
    Production Manager - Tabetha Glass-Jackman

    1st AD - James Dyer
    DOP - Ben Magahy
    Art Director - Sam Waters
    Post - Electric Theatre Collective
    Grade - Aubrey Woodiwiss @ ETC
    Edit - Vid Price @ Assembly Rooms
    Casting - Hammond & Cox

    Commissioner - Dan Millar
    Management - Marc Williams

  4. Plaisio Summer from Tony Zagoraios on Vimeo.

    Another great collaboration with NOMINT to bring a delirium of colors and freshness to the new summer offers of Plaisio Department Stores. Fluid movements,vivid colour palettes and smart presentation of product info were our main goals to achieve an interesting and unique moving image.

    Client: PLAISIO
    Agency/ Production Company: NOMINT
    Creative Direction: Christos Lefakis/ Yannis Konstantinidis
    Director/ Art Director: Tony Zagoraios
    Graphic Design: TIll Noon(Chris Golfis)
    3D: Costas Fatsis
    Motion Design: Tony Zagoraios
    Cel Animation: Michael Towers/Tony Comley
    Music Score: Ted Regklis

  5. Monza from Ben Hill on Vimeo.

    Role – Lead Animator

    Agency – Mr. President
    Production Company – Not To Scale

    Directed By – Chris Dooley
    Designer – Sean Mcclintock
    Additional Animation – Vinh Chung, Preston Brown & Sean Mcclintock
    Storyboards & Additional Design – Hugh Keenan

    Executive Producer – Santino Sladavic
    Producers – Garrett Braren & Sarah Butterworth
    Production Coordinator – Lauren Farrell

  6. Enter Pyongyang from JT Singh on Vimeo.

    “Enter Pyongyang” is another stunning collaboration between city-­branding pioneer JT Singh and flow-motion videographer Rob Whitworth. Blending time-lapse photography, acceleration and slow motion, HD and digital animation, they have produced a cutting‐edge panorama of a city hardly known, but one emerging on the visitor’s landscape as North Korea’s opening unfolds.

    North Korea was the last country seemingly immune to change—but no longer. Recent years have witnessed mobile phone penetration, a surge in tourists, and even a marathon. Numerous special economic zones have been launched in cooperation with China, Russia, and South Korea, with railways planned linking all countries in the region. “Enter Pyongyang” captures not just the city, but this dynamism and sense of potential.

    This video is the single most significant multi-­media contribution to transcending clichés about North Korea as a society defined by reclusiveness and destitution. To travel there is to witness a proud civilization, though one caught in a Cold War time-warp. Korean cultural traditions are meticulously preserved and displayed in authentic richness. Anyone who has witnessed the awe-inspiring Mass Games knows that, with great sacrifice, North Koreans can pull off a performance unparalleled in its precision.

    “Enter Pyongyang” captures the reality of North Korean citizens as earnest and humane, not automatons. The infamous traffic ladies and subway guards stand stiff and sentinel—but today they share a smile too. The more North Koreans one meets, the more one sees an organic society that wants to be a normal country. If you travel there not to judge but to appreciate, you will come away with a better understanding of how challenging national transformation can be.

    "Enter Pyongyang" is above all an invitation to explore. Few places in the world have been as hermetically sealed as North Korea, but Koryo Tours has made it possible not just to see North Korea but to engage with it in ways that were impossible until very recently. This is a window of opportunity not to be missed. If Pyongyang is no longer off limits, no place is.

    —Foreword by Dr. Parag Khanna, Director, Hybrid Reality

    Koryo Group: The Koryo team brought a wealth of valuable knowledge and expertise to this project. Thanks to their extensive experience in running tourism and cultural engagement projects in North Korea since 1993, we were able to get unprecedented access in Pyongyang. We are thankful to the Koryo team and their Korean partners for an unforgettable experience.


    -How were you guys allowed to film in Pyongyang?

    This project was produced in conjunction with Koryo Tours, the leading North Korea travel specialist. Co-producer Vicky Mohieddeen of Koryo Tours was with us throughout the shoot.

    -Were there restrictions on what was allowed to be filmed?

    We were closely assisted by two guides from the National Tourism Administration, who helped us gain special access to locations and made sure that we followed all the rules. As is standard for all foreign visitors to the country, we were not allowed to shoot any construction sites, undeveloped locations or military personnel. Other than that we were given relatively free reign.

    -Isn’t this all fake? You don’t see the real North Korea.

    The average visitor to Pyongyang is likely to be surprised by the scenes they encounter and are especially surprised about how clean and orderly the city actually is. Indeed, people living in Pyongyang and other major cities enjoy a higher quality of life than those in other parts of the county.

    -Are people allowed to travel to North Korea?

    Yes, despite what the majority of people think, it is possible to visit North Korea as a tourist. North Korea does not release official data on the number of Western tourists it receives, but estimates range from 4,000 to 6,000 per year. Most of the foreign tourists are from Mainland China, estimated in the tens of thousands annually.

    -Were you paid to make this film?

    We volunteered for this project with no pay at all. All other travel expenses for the 6 day trip were covered by Koryo Tours.

    -Does this film support the DPRK government?

    "Enter Pyongyang" is an observational film. At no point did Koryo Tours or we have to pretend to be supporters of the DPRK Government or their philosophy in order to be granted permission to shoot this film. Amazingly, we were given complete editorial control in the making of this piece.

    Tom Day (Music)
    Website: tomday.me
    Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/tomday

    JT Singh
    Website: jtsingh.com/
    Facebook: facebook.com/jtssingh
    Twitter: twitter.com/jtssingh

    Rob Whitworth
    Website: robwhitworth.co.uk/
    Facebook: facebook.com/RobWhitworthPhotography
    Twitter: twitter.com/kwhi02

    Koryo Tours
    Website: koryogroup.com
    Facebook: facebook.com/koryotours
    Twitter: twitter.com/koryotours

  7. Imaginary Forces - Manhattan from Imaginary Forces on Vimeo.

    Directors Dan Gregoras and Jeremy Cox explore the careful art of bomb-making and social planning in this main title sequence for WGN’s Manhattan. Set in Los Alamos in 1943, Manhattan chronicles the lives and families of the scientists building the world’s deadliest weapon, and exposes a world full of secrets and consequences.

    Designed & Produced by: Imaginary Forces (IF)
    IF Creative Director: Dan Gregoras
    IF Art Director: Jeremy Cox
    IF Executive Producer: Gabriel Marquez
    IF Producer: Jon Hassell
    IF Designer: Griffin Frazen
    IF Animator: Sekani Solomon
    IF Cel Animator: Peter Ahern
    IF Editor: Karl Amdal
    IF Additional Design: Audrey Davis, Tim Haldeen

  8. imagesfromitsnicethat:

    Selma Alaçam embroiders song lyrics on to Turkish rugs (Read more)

    (via gratuitoustype)

  9. Fantastic Capote et Wonder Capote

  11. Push for Pizza

  12. Old-school breakdancing (at Royal Festival Hall)